Lab Personnel

Principal Investigator

Samuel Senyo, PhD | Assistant Professor | E-mail: ssenyo@case.edusenyo
Sam is the Principal Investigator for the Senyo lab. He earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering at Washington University, a PhD in Bioengineering at University of Illinois at Chicago, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Brigham & Women’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School. Along the way, he has developed a strong interest in regenerative biology in the heart. Outside of hiking, live music and movies, he enjoys giving graduate students projects and occasionally late night take-out.

Post-doctoral researchers

Ali Ansari, PhD | Postdoctoral Fellow (CRTP T32)ali
Ali earned his B.S at Southern Methodist University in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Biomedical Engineering in 2012, then completed his MS and PhD in Bioengineering in the Imoukhuede Systems Biology Lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018. Ali currently uses microfluidics to study paracrine signaling and develop better cardiovascular models for tissue regeneration. In his free time, Ali enjoys playing all sorts of video games and tabletop games.

Graduate researchers

Craig Watson | PhD studentcraig
Craig got his BSc in Life Sciences and Technology and his MSc in Bioengineering from EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland). His research focuses on developing microfluidic tools to study paracrine signaling, primarily in the context of cardiac regeneration.

Xinming (Simon) Wang | PhD studentselection_799
Simon got his BS degree from Hunan Agricultural University and MS degree from University of Southern California. His research area is using biological and engineering methods to discover factors in extracellular matrix that can facilitate cardiomyocyte proliferation and determining how to apply them in heart regeneration.

Chao Liu | PhD studentimage (1)
Chao got his BS degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University. His research focuses on using microfluidic tools to study how mature cardiomyocytes would induce the differentiation and maturation of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs). In his free time, Chao enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding and cooking.

Valinteshley (Tesh) Pierre | PhD student

Undergraduate Researchers

Yuliang (Bill) Ding | BS student
Gabrielle McBroom | BS student
Emily Hauser | BS Student


Post-doctoral researchers

Stephan Nieuwoudt, PhD

Graduate students

Gitanjali (Gita) Kaw | BS/MS student
Bhargavee Gnanasambandam | BS student
Ryan Hansen | MS student / Research assistant

Undergraduate students

Akinola Akinbote | BS student
Raghav Ramraj | BS student
Elizabeth (Libby) Schubert | BS student
Rajiv Trehan | BS student
John Bradford | BS student
Margaret Kilbane | High school student
Frances Seo | BS student
Analia Vazquez Cegla | BS student